Thursday, January 04, 2007

I received a complaint weeks ago about not keeping my blog updated! (As you can see by the date on my blog, it is really Jan. 15). Well here it is--after a 6 weeks of being sick, I finally can look at most food without disdain! So I will update you on Christmas and anything else I want--ENJOY! So we have had an exceptionally warm winter up until today. Aaron and the kids enjoyed a brief few hours of snow before it melted and came back to warm temperatures like 67 degrees on Jan. 6! This has led to many a commentary on global warming from neighbors in town to the radio weather forecast. I will not give you my commentary, because it just doesn't matter. We are grateful for the light winter on our propane bill! Back to the snow, it was too heavy to make an actual snowman, so they made a snowblob called "Frumpy." We attended a Christmas party in which the kids met Santa, received a present, and were able to choose presents for others to wrap and give. Kent was so excited to meet Santa and inform him that he wanted K-nex for Christmas and was worried because we don't have a fireplace for him to come down. Santa was reassuring! Evelyn was willing to go to Santa only with the help of Mom and to grab the present and run. She hid under the table when Santa walked by her. She then told us in the car that she didn't like Santa anymore and he was not to bring her anymore presents! Easy enough! I got a little nervous the Friday before Christmas when we hadn't yet found the K-nex, but Santa's helpers (the Wilson Family) found them at Walmart. I consider them saints, because I didn't have the guts to drive into the parking lot. There is something about working retail during the holidays that takes all the fun out of shopping! **Aaron has a GREAT Smile**

The Christmas loot--I know this is impersonal as the unsigned Christmas cards we sent out, but my energy level is low--Thank you to Grandparents, aunts, uncles, family, and friends that sent many cards and packages our way. It is wonderful to be thought of and loved by many!

Aaron's favorite job--cleaning the hamster cage--doesn't stop just because it's Christmas!
Aaron's present to Michelle was long awaited curtains in the living room (well at least on two windows!).
Finally, we celebrated Christmas Ralphie style by eating dinner at the Chinese Buffet in Claremont, NH. We loved the variety of sushi, just don't tell my midwife!!!