Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Valentine's Day Blizzard~
Wow, what a day! It snowed for 18 hours and left 4 foot high snow banks. Aaron shoveled every few hours to keep up with it, but each time the snow plows came by it ruined his work. We have a great neighbor who came by with the snowblower and cleared the walks and driveway! We stayed at home and played games with Aaron all day, watched a movie, made a delicious dinner, and had chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas. Evelyn had a blast finger painting while we cooked dinner and Kent grabbed the camera to snap pictures of me and him.

Evelyn's 3rd Birthday! ! !

To her delight, Evelyn had a "Strawberry" birthday party at playgroup complete with a dance session to show off her tutu! Her favorite book is "Jamboree" and she can eat a pint of strawberries without flinching.

Trip to North Carolina in September. . .

I decided to show these photos, even though there six months old, because I have nothing better to do tonight! Nicole flew from Idaho to Vermont and then drove 15 hours with the kids and myself down to meet Alexis' baby "Garrett" in Winston-Salem, NC. At the time he was only 2 months old and now he is 7 months old and quite larger than when we saw him! Grandpa Roger and Grandma Gayla were also there to add to the excitement. We also got to meet Alexis' fiance Brendan Stephens (to be married on June 3rd). He is a military combat journalist/photographer and we enjoyed his many skills with the camera and untiring energy with the kids!
I like this photo of the three of them, because it foreshadows the excitement they have for our impending addition (affectionately known as "baby Oliver"). Kent prays each night "for the baby to come out of mommy's belly" and draws pictures of himself feeding the baby a bottle and rocking him. Evelyn frequently says "my belly hurts mom, it my baby moving!" Luckily, I am due on Kent's birthday (Aug. 2), so it gives him a frame of reference for when his new brother is going to come. Kent can't wait for him to be big enough to share a bunk bed with him (it's going to be a long wait!).

We visited "Old Salem" where the Moravian culture settled, it was enjoyable strolling the cobblestone streets and tasting the specialty cookies!

On the drive back home, we stopped at Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit "Chocolate World". Kent was in heaven creating Hershey's kisses and Evelyn was besides herself in choosing only one thing in the gift shop. She got a chocolate bear and Kent got a tool box he filled with chocolate. He then returned and share a chocolate kiss with all the students in his class for sharing day!