Friday, April 20, 2007

"Evelyn, I'm going to marry you!"--Kent

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

We celebrated Grandpa Roger's Birthday by eating butterscotch chip cookies and drawing a picture. The kids really enjoyed it! (Just how old are you?) We love you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twas' the night before Easter. . .

On Friday night before Easter we dyed eggs and set out carrots and a card for the Easter bunny. The kids hardly could sleep claiming they kept hearing hopping outside! We gently told them that he would keep hopping outside until the fell asleep!
They woke up nice and early to find the Easter bunny had nibbled the carrots and left a not of his own, with an attached Easter Treasure Hunt map. So off Kent and Evelyn went finding "bunny rabbit" mac & cheese, ABC cookies, and a huge bucket of cool shaped pretzels! Later that afternoon they went to an Easter party at the Cook's house, where instead of an outdoor egg hunt they went sledding! Will winter ever end? On Sunday we got on our Sunday best and headed to church and then off to a nice ham dinner at the Wilson's home. Overall a peaceful holiday, as well it should be!

Goodbye to those Baby Curls~

Grandma Megane came on Conference weekend and gave some much needed haircuts. Also in tow were Grandpa Lanny and baby cousin Justice. They went with Evelyn to playgroup and to sharing time at Kent's school. They also joined him for lunch at school! We were very spoiled and enjoyed the visit a lot. Hopefully we will have more photos to show soon. Included are the loss of Evelyn's beloved curls, but luckily the new cut is very becoming on her! She did pretty good with the haircut, but her patience was gone toward the end!