Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~Mother's Day~ The kids with the help of Aaron presented me a large, beautiful breakfast of strawberries, grapes, bagel w/ cream cheese, sausage, bacon, and chocolate milk. The table was also adorned with fresh flowers, chocolates, cards, and a cd/radio under-mount kitchen cabinet. On Saturday, Kent presented me with an early Mother's Day sandwich- - -he said "You have never had a sandwich like this before!" He was right! It was a peanut butter, chocolate chip, mustard, and Parmesan cheese sandwich. Just as a side-note: When looking at the photos of Michelle remember I am seven months pregnant and have earned those chubby cheeks!

Other Spring Happenings - - - the mud baths have begun and the kids are loving it! Evelyn has discovered the joy of washing her play dishes in the driveway. One day after washing the dishes she also bathed herself in the same water while eating a chocolate ice-cream cone. This weekend Evelyn test drove her first tricycle and is quite good! Kent is currently obsessed with "Larryboy" from Veggie Tales. Larryboy is a cucumber super-hero with super-suction plunger ears! Kent often says there are bad things in this world and that he is going to be a super-hero when he grows up! He loves to randomly shout out "I AM THAT HERO!"