Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One final blog before the baby is born. . .

Wow! The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind: from selling our home and buying another one, packing, moving, unpacking (in the matter of 2 days) and establishing routine again in our lives (at least until the baby is born). What we like most about our house is all the storage room--concrete basement, easily accessible attic, 2 car garage, and large yard. Also, the town is lovely. This is the fall foliage capitol called the Northeast Kingdom, if anyone is interested in visiting! Because we moved 70 miles north it was a little unreasonable for me to stay with the same midwives and hospital, so I switched practices with 3 weeks to go! Luckily the new hospital is a mile from our house. So I am giving birth at another hospital that doesn't offer epidurals (here's hoping for another short labor)!
Kent has finally begun swim lessons and is very proud that he can hold his nose and dive for objects underwater (hey, it's progress). After 15 moves Kent has finally declared that he never wants to move again and will live in our new house forever, I am feeling the same way right now. Evelyn likes her new Sunbeams class at church, they keep journals and neat star charts. She especially likes the rose wallpaper in her new bedroom, so it's at least one room I don't need to remove wallpaper. Aaron is liking the 1 mile commute to his law office and is dreaming up new plans for his vegetable garden next year. We have .5 acre lot and bought a non-self propelled push lawn mower, it takes 2 hours to mow the yard! It was quite the sight yesterday as a 39 week pregnant woman was found mowing the yard to induce labor. I would like to say it worked, but as you can tell--nope! Thankfully, Aaron's mom came 2 day ago to help out for the next few weeks, we are very grateful. We would also like to say thank you to the countless people who helped over the last month, it certainly wouldn't have been possible without all of you. Thank you!

These photos are from July 4th--We went to a bird refuge called VINS.