Monday, December 31, 2007

Strike a Pose

Grandma Mosoff made this beautiful dress for Evelyn and found the outfit for Oliver. We are finally getting used to Kent's toothless grin! Makes us think of a certain song (All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth)! Kent had his first date on Friday (with his mom). We went to dinner and did some shopping at Walmart for a certain sister's birthday! Oliver has mastered the skill of rolling over and now needs to figure how to get back over. He loves his new jumperoo and loves to show us the joy of bouncing! Happy New Year!

"Santa's the Coolest"
Kent exclaimed this upon seeing the huge bouncer in the playroom. Michelle and Aaron thank Santa for this item--now we can tell the kids to go bounce out their energy on cold winter days. We had a nice Christmas, it so much fun watching the kids open their gifts. Evelyn was especially excited to get the "lunchable" she asked Santa for in her letter. Kent received hot wheels galore--Carrying cases, cars, a batman racetrack, V-Drop, Octopark, and even a toothbrush (with powerranger toothpaste). Evelyn enjoyed gettina a princess dance mat, Belle doll with tea set, Island princess barbi with matching dress, Telestory games. There was so much more from books, games, candy--Grandparents and relatives are so good to us. Thank you for making are holiday a fun one! We spent the day sledding, eating, and playing Cranium at the Wilson household. They're a crazy bunch! Our favorite memory is giving the kids pajamas on Christmas Eve. They put them on and immediately ran upstairs, "Where are you going?" "To Bed, Santa's coming!"