Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celestial Airlines Flight #1842

I had the opporitunity to organize the Annual Relief Society Birthday party at church. We began with everyone entering through airport security (Aaron had lots of fun buzzing and searching the passengers). Then they received their tickets and after a few plane delays, boarded the flight. There was inflight refreshments (peanuts and water) and entertainment (Johnny Lingo video). The plane landed in HAWAII and everyone received leis and the women were given flowers for their hair! We had hawaiian haystacks for dinner. Julie Rayburn gave us a lesson in hula dancing and her husband Brian blew his conk shell when I needed to get attention! We had a lot of fun! Now I get to start planning the decorations for the Gold and Green Ball!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sugaring Season in Vermont! Aaron decide this was the year to make our own maple syrup. So after getting the winning bid on some sap buckets and a couple taps from our friends the Goodrich's (aka the sugaring experts), we were on our way. The sun came out in full force today and sent the sap flowing. We filled the large stockpot (see photo) with sap and boiled for several hours, then we transfered it to a smaller pot. Sadly, when all was said and done we had 1.5 cups of syrup. The ratio is 40 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of syrup--hence why it cost so much to buy! But the syrup tasted delicious straight off the stove! Check out the video of Oliver having one of his first tastes. This morning we took the kids on a 2 mile walk for signs of Spring. We saw hundreds of robin pulling worms out of the ground, a herd of deer, 3 turkeys, bulbs popping up out of the ground, a cardinal, and we followed deer tracks for a long ways! Evelyn thought it was the perfect time to make mud pies in her tutu (somethings never change). It is days like this that we always want to live here (if only winter wasn't so long)!