Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Talented Girls. . .

Seems like the house is overrun with boys lately, it's about time to feature the girls!

Evelyn has a passion for vegetables and fruits. She is the one we send out to the garden when we need something and she goes with joy! Her favorite snacks are cucumbers and apples. I had to stop her today from starting on her third apple! She is loving Kindergarten and is practically teaching herself how to read. We love Evelyn's postive and enthusiatic outlook on life! Kaitlin has numerous talents--horseback riding, piano, babysitting, riding rollercoasters and the list goes on! She spends a majority of her week improving the areas and we love seeing her happiness. Kaitlin has an incredible ability to focus on a goal and not give up until it has been achieved!

She can do everything a boy can do, even when wearing a dress!
Balloon race for Mom's Birthday
Pin the tail on the pikachu!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Gordon is 3 Months Old~

Couch Potato, Couch Potato!

Love those cubby thighs!
Wanting to be like Dad and put Tabasco sauce on everything!
Pineapple is a toy, right?
This is what we would callthe Grandpa Stu pose!
Mom said no yogurt in the living room, but who listens to Mom anyway?!

A day at the playground. . .

Oliver demonstrating his fearless spirit:

Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Oliver!

I found Oliver one morning stripped down to his diaper, with the honey pot on his head, and painting the paper and himself! Life is good!

*I can't get these photos to load correctly, so sorry if you get a kink in your neck!

Happy 8th Birthday! He's now a CUB SCOUT!

Kent is so happy to be 8 years old! He has been looking forward to being baptized and becoming a cub scout! Kent is a very compassionate, loving boy--we're so grateful he's part of our family!

Pokemon decorations

Grandparents Mosoff gave Kent this great suit for his baptism

This is what I can produce at 1:00am!

Kaitlin at Girls Camp (Camp Joseph South Royalton, VT)

She was a YCL (youth camp leader)
Not sure she was won over by sleeping in a tent! I don't blame her!
Thankfully it didn't rain everyday, only 2!


Gordon is about 9 weeks old in these photos.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slow days of Summer (Not around here)~

Bailey's Birthday Pony Party in Wheelock, VT
Evelyn riding the miniature horse named Mini Cooper!
She was luckier than some of the other riders, because the downpour slowed to a sprinkle.
Gordon at 7 weeks old--grown about 2 inches and 3 pounds.
6 weeks old
Oliver loves the bouncer at playgroup, one of his few words is "bounce"!
We were invited to spend July 4th weekend in Casco, Maine at the home of Mark & Mariterisa Jackson. Between the thunderstorms the kids enjoyed the pool, hottub, sand, Wii, fireworks, and great food. We skipped over to Freeport (best known for the home of LL Bean) and had lunch at the town wharf. Kaitlin chose to hang out with the other girls visiting than to come with us --I guess we're not cool enough, and the thought of seafood grossed her out:)!
Our lunch totalled about $60 (ouch) but I must admit the lobster delight, bisque, onion rings, and lemonade were worth it! All the outdoor picnic tables were taken, so we went inside, but we were the lucky ones when the heavens opened and descended.
Driving up to LL Bean was like entering a theme park and cost about the same. I spent an hour buying Aaron, Kaitlin and myself raincoats. After the summer we have been having I thought it was a good investment.
This was our group shot of our July 4th weekend--lots of friends and fun!
We went to the Jackson's ward on Saturday morning for a great pancake and waffle breakfast. Kent had 3 pancakes on his plate, consumed two and told me he was full. Then came back with a huge waffle, I asked him why he said he was full and told me he wasn't full of waffle!
Evelyn loved swimming in the frigid swimming pool water and drinking endless cups of lemonade.
Oliver pretty cleaned the breakfast out of sausage, he is definitely the carnivore of the family!
Mariterisa flipping waffles--she made fabulous food all weekend!
Catching Aaron in a rare moment of not working, he spent to weekend sneaking off with Richard to go fishing!
Richard caught a big mouth bass while reeling in to cast out agian and was surprised to see what was on th line!
The fishy was later found on the grill:).
"Play" (otherwise known as Michelle and Richard)
5 weeks old--perfect!
Kent won the grand prize at the Pokemon tournament he played in--we were very proud how he handled himself. Instead of gloating he spent time comforting the boy who lost, one of his finest moments.

Some peolple do little league, we do POKEMON! Preparing for the tournament.
4 weeks old
This is how we have spent the summer so far--in the car.
8:30am Summer Kindergarten for Evelyn
9:30am Playgroup
11:00 Storytime
11:30 Swim lessons
12:00 Lunch at playgroud
1:00 art lessons for Kent
3:30 horseback riding or piano for Kaitlin
5:30 Track and Field
7:30 bedtime
Can't wait for school to start again for the craziness to end!
Presenting Houdini master of carseat escapes!
Watching Kent and Evelyn at Track and Field at the St. Johnsbury Academy.
Oliver's favorite way to pass the time while waiting for his siblings.
Kent is the one in the green nearest the coach.
Finished his final lap of the night.
Just wanted to take a photo of the our beautiful flowers.
The first strawberry of the season!