Friday, February 27, 2009

Picture Tag~ (I am only posting this photo, because I like Julie so much! But know that I would crop my head off, if I could. Never should photos be taken while morning sick). This is from last Thanksgiving, my little sister Alexis and her son Garrett visited us from NYC. After cooking for two days and enjoying the feast, Lexie and I went to the theater to see the new James Bond movie. Unfortunately spent half the movie in the bathroom reliving Thanksgiving dinner in reverse!

I am tagging Alexis, Sarah Jane, Deanna, and Lillian.
Here are the rules: 1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer 2) Select the 4th picture in the folder 3) Explain the picture 4) Tag 4 people to do the same NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc..)

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Boy whose not afraid of a few ruffles!

Oliver has spent the week embracing babies, aprons, and cookie dough. He is still very passionate about his kisses to his mom and I'm loving it! The nice thing about being pregnant and still having a baby is that it helps me be more patient about seeing the new one! Thankfully Oliver will be three months older when Gordon arrives. He weighed in at 24 pounds and 33 inches at his 18 month check-up. The doctor asked if he was always as cheerful as he seemed and I was happy to answer "Yes!" Currently his words are "Ma", "Daaaad", "Stinky", "Clean-up", "Down", "All Done", and "Dog!" He gets by very effectively with a variety of grunts for everything else. He loves dancing, Teletubbies, and now Blue's Clues. Food wise he loves just about everything and has an internal sense for when food is about to be served. His favorite snacks are oatmeal, yogurt, or toast. In conclusion, Oliver's philosphy in life is "Why walk when you can run!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attention! Yes, after a month I have the patience to load up photos and a new blog !Oh what do you do in the Winter time, when all the world is gray. . .
We paint! Our previously hideous wood paneled office is now a nice shade of taupe with white trim. Aaron has now begun his own law firm and his office will be out of our home for a while (hopefully a short while!). After completely sanding, priming and painting the walls and ceiling in one day, we decided to hire a professional to finish the trim, crown moldings, and windows. You can see a before photo of the office if you go in the archives to Summer 2007.
Shannon has learned to leave a pair of paint clothes at the house, so she doesn't ruin so many clothes. She was a hard worker and we appreciated her willingness to paint most of the ceiling!

Kent occasionally breaks out dancing (he just can't contain himself), although he claims to not like dancing.
Evelyn was sent a princess kit from my uncle and aunt in Oklahoma. She is always ready to wear a tiara!
Oliver loves books with flaps, he is definitely a button-pusher, flap-lifter, never-sit-still kind of kid!
This is Oliver during his recovery week from the flu, it wasn't a pretty sight. Thankfully he is back to his giggly, happy self!
He may be getting grayer, but he still has that great little boy smile! Love that face!
We got dumped on with snow a little while back and Aaron decided to multi-task by shoveling the walks and burying the kids.

It amazing to think that this will be green in May again (ok, maybe June)!
I found Oliver this way after putting on Teletubbies for him when he was feeling sick!
This was how I left him. So sweet, you got to love the thumb!
2 photos from Evelyn's birthday party at the bowling alley. She invited Benson, Katie and Ava. There are only two photos because my camera batteries died!
Oliver is definitely the animal lover in the family--he says hello and goodbye everyday to Peaches. He also goes crazy over the 3 huge labs we see at one of the daycares I read to each week. He jumps up and down shouting "Dog! Dog! Dog!" for about 15 minutes.
This great mudroom area was created by Aaron this January from scrap wood he gathered from tearing down a inefficient room in the basement. Now we have a lovely spot to hang up coats and now longer have them in a heap on the floor!