Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Grandma Gayla. . .

We Love You!
(This is a photo of Gayla and myself in front of our house in Watauga, TX)
From Kent
From Evelyn

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Break in the SUN!!!

Finally the sun is here and we were able to spend a good portion of Spring Break outside. We had several picnics at the park and lots of walks! Evelyn discovered her new found love of the monkey bars and became overly daring!

Oliver is truly our biggest dare devil in the family. There is nothing he thinks he can't climb or do at the playground and has a difficult leaving the outdoors once he is there!

Kent before his winter mane was shaved off!

Evelyn's friend Katie got a new dog named Chloe and she was in love!

No that isn't a dead animal on our floor, it is a winter's worth of Kent's hair! His head is now about 3 inches smaller, but as he reminded us it is already growing back.
Doing his best to sit still for Dad, those who know Kent's experience with hair cuts would be impressed with his progress in this area!

Taking reading to a new level. . .
Kent loves this book! It sent waves of inspiration through him that he shared with his sister and the entire library. Here is the Barnes and Noble synopsis of the book:
A small creature offers his big voice for aspiring authors everywhereEvery child can be a writer-and Library Mouse shows them how!Beloved children's books author and illustrator Daniel Kirk wonderfully brings to life the story of Sam, a library mouse. Sam's home was in a little hole in the wall in the children's reference books section, and he thought that life was very good indeed. For Sam loved to read. He read picture books and chapter books, biographies and poetry, and ghost stories and mysteries. Sam read so much that finally one day he decided to write books himself!Sam shared his books with other library visitors by placing them on a bookshelf at night. Until there came the time that people wanted to meet this talented author. Whatever was Sam to do?
And what he does is create a book with a sign that says "Meet the Author," then children look inside the box and see the reflection of themselves. Sam then create little blank books for the children to write their own creations.
So my self-motivated son found an old jewelry box of mine with a mirror in it and made the Meet the Author sign. Then he and Evelyn sat down at the table and proceeded to write their own stories. And just to take it a step further deliver their box and creations to Gloria, our children's librarian!

Budding authors!
Writing their own stories!

Gone Fishing!
Evelyn was very excited for the start of this year's fishing season. Mostly to use her new barbi fishing pole and to go worm hunting!
Aaron spent more time tying flies than actually fishing--it's was cold outside!
The river down from our house that runs through St. Johnsbury.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009~

Our latest family photo--it's getting harder and harder to get everyone to look at the camera!
The Boys!
Kaitlin lookin' gorgeous!
My sweet girl with a new look (resulting from her deciding to cut her hair this week and me attempting to fix it--we ended up at the salon)!

Gordon's growing!
We love Kent's remarkable understanding of the true meaning of Easter--he is growing up so fast!
Kent is a great big brother and Oliver loves sharing kisses with him!
Grandma Kim and Granpa Stu got Evelyn this beautiful Easter dress.
Hey, Hey good lookin'--Oliver cracks us up in church, because he can't resist conducting the music when everyone is singing (or even when he is just looking at the hymnal).
Baby Gordon's Easter outfit--still a little big!
Kent's new clothes!
Oliver after devouring the peeps with Dad!

Yes--he is an angel!
Kaitlin and Aaron went to the Boston Temple with a youth group from church the day before Easter.
Evelyn eating the ears off her chocolate bunny!
I found a few blue fingerprints on my couch!
Kaitlin brought the kids Easter goodies and gave us her great painting in the background.
This is to add to the many photos of Evelyn in a tiara! A girl can never have too many!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautiful, Metallic Eggs--We had lots of fun dying eggs between general conference sessions this weekend. Now, we look forward to the egg salad that will follow!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

There is a reason why nobody ever sees pregnant photos of me. . .YUCK!
I know I have a lot of kind friends, who will try to tell me that this photo isn't hideous, but get real! I am only posting it because my step-mother asked very sweetly to see a photo of Gordon before he was born--I wish I had an ultrasound photo to show her! I have seen other friends do a good job of taking a picture of themselves, but it isn't easy. Oh well, for better or worse, here you go Gayla--Gordon is waving HI!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time for a Change~

After Oliver learned how to jump out of his crib this week, we decided to get him started on a big boy bed before the baby comes. We moved him into Kent's room and found a nice, used toddler's bed on Craig's List. The only problem we are having is that Oliver has entered a climbing phase and is constantly trying to climb to the top of Kent's bunk bed. He is doing great (so far!) at laying down and going right to sleep for naps and bedtime! The other two kids each took two months of training to get them to stay in their beds. I would like to say our parenting skills have improved, but I just think it's Oliver's personality!
The kids seem to think of the new bed as a new toy and a great place to play! Evelyn especially loves curling up with her brother and listening to stories!
Demonstrating how easy it is to get in and out! Thanks goodness, we were forced to deal with this now and not in two months when Gordon arrives!