Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grandma Kim had to leave, thank you for all the help. We loved having her here!
(and Grandparents Melville too)!

Visiting Ben and Jerry before dropping off Grandma at the airport in Burlington. Gotta love Cherry Garcia!

I love my Mom!
Bedtime, a good thing!

Can I hold Gordon? Take a picture of us!

Grandma Megane visits include early mornings!

2 weeks old

This is what Kent does on a lonely Sunday afternoon!

Perfect symmetry!

Gordon's Baby Blessing & Kaitlin's Confirmation~

Time for the photo shoot!

Our Beautiful Kids!

The stars of the day with their grandparents Melville and grandma Mosoff.

After about 50 family photos, this was the winner!

Catherine Harris and Kaitlin

Michelle and Michelle

Grandma Megane

Michelle Wilson (Girl Play)

Gordon's new Pooh Bear outfit from Catherine and Kaitlin .
It was a beautiful day and we were again surrounded by family and friends. Aaron's parents flew in the day before for the baptism. Kaitlin's longtime friend Catherine Harris was there. And of course, PLAY (aka the Wilson clan) was there, our surrogate family in Vermont! We enjoyed a nice pork rib bbq at the house afterward!

June 6, 2009--Kaitlin's Baptism

Elder Williams and Elder Johnson

Grandma Kim and Kent
Julie , Tahira and Sam , Andrew, William, and Valorie , and Hannah
Grandma and Gordon

After a late start, the baptism was perfect! A multitude of family, friends and ward members showed up to support Kaitlin. Afterward we enjoyed sandwiches, fruit, chips and brownies while enjoying each others company!

I finally have a moment to give the details of Gordon's entrance into the world. On the evening of May 24th, we took a 2.5 mile walk through the neighborhood (filled with lots of steep hills). After that I told Kaitlin that tomorrow would be the perfect day to have the baby, because since it was a holiday, she wouldn't be in school and Aaron wouldn't be working. (Also, my mom would be coming at the end of the week and I could pick her up at the airport and get the baby's picture taken at Target--these are the sad things I think about since I live so far from commercial civilization!) So I said a good prayer and so did Kaitlin and they were answered! At about 5:00 am I couldn't sleep and was having inconsistent contractions, not sure if this was the real thing. I decided to rotate a couple loads of laundry and do the dishes. Evelyn woke up and we read books together in my bed. We both closed our eyes for a few minutes and by 6:30am I was having very strong contractions about 7 minutes apart. I told Aaron to get up and take a shower and then we would go to the hospital. I got up out of bed and immediately my contactions became 2-3 minutes apart. By 6:55am I found Aaron in the office making a few phone calls and I told him "We need to go NOW!" Our friend Linda Stone showed up at 7:00am and we headed to the hospital--thankfully it is just down the road. I was in the birthing center by 7:05am and was the only patient there. George, the RN, checked me and said I can't tell if you're 2 cm or 10 cm, I can't even find your cervix. By this point I was declaring that if I'm two cm I want an epidural now! (I haven't had one for the last two and had not considered it for this entire pregnancy, but when contractions come on this fast, it sounds like a good option!). Well, thankfully my water broke with a loud gush a few moments later and the baby was coming! I thought George was going to catch the baby, but they immediately had the ER doctor up to deliver (since the midwife on call was unable to get there in time). It was 2 pushes--head and then shoulders! Gordon arrived at 7:34 am! Aaron and Kaitlin were both there for the birth and lots of friends showed up with gifts, kind gestures, and meals (we had 7 delivered the first night back from the hospital). Thank you to everyone who helped with cleaning, taking care of kids, giving gifts and showing love!

So Long Preschool--Hello Kindergarten!
The day we left the hospital with Gordon was also Aaron's birthday (May 27th) and to celebrate we went to Evelyn's preschool program. As you can tell, the theme was the Yellow Submarine!