Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Talented Girls. . .

Seems like the house is overrun with boys lately, it's about time to feature the girls!

Evelyn has a passion for vegetables and fruits. She is the one we send out to the garden when we need something and she goes with joy! Her favorite snacks are cucumbers and apples. I had to stop her today from starting on her third apple! She is loving Kindergarten and is practically teaching herself how to read. We love Evelyn's postive and enthusiatic outlook on life! Kaitlin has numerous talents--horseback riding, piano, babysitting, riding rollercoasters and the list goes on! She spends a majority of her week improving the areas and we love seeing her happiness. Kaitlin has an incredible ability to focus on a goal and not give up until it has been achieved!

She can do everything a boy can do, even when wearing a dress!
Balloon race for Mom's Birthday
Pin the tail on the pikachu!

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~Paisley's Mommy~ said...

Love all the new pics of the girls!
A little birdy told me you may be giving up the blog thing, hope it's not true :(

Check out my blog, I nominated you for an award! :)